Pets Spread Rumors About Great Groomers
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Dog Grooming | 4 Paws Grooming Salon | Fayetteville, AR | (479) 575-0282
No matter what breed of dog you have, whether it is a teacup Chihuahua or Great Dane, they are welcome at 4 Paws Grooming Salon! As the top dog...
Cat Grooming | 4 Paws Grooming Salon | Fayetteville, AR | (479) 575-0282
If you are a cat owner and have ever tried to perform cat grooming at home, you know exactly how challenging this seemingly simple task can be! With...
Nail Grinding | 4 Paws Grooming Salon | Fayetteville, AR | (479) 575-0282
One of the most troublesome tasks for many pet owners is trimming your dog’s or cat’s nails. If you have found that you dislike nail trimming just as...

For shampooing, blow-drying, and nail grinding, 4 Paws Grooming Salon is the best in the business!

Welcome to 4 Paws Grooming Salon

In Fayetteville, AR, “Pets spread rumors about great groomers,” and they are all abuzz about 4 Paws Grooming Salon! We have been in business for 25 years, and we specialize in grooming services for big and small dogs and cats. As a family owned and operated business, we ensure that your pet is comfortable. All pets get their very own waiting space in a private cage, and we have 30 cages available! No matter what, your pet will get the individualized attention he or she deserves.

Our range of dog grooming and cat grooming services is comprehensive, including bathing for dogs and cats with shampoo and blow-dry, various styles of haircuts for dogs and cats, expressing the anal glands, nail grinding, and more. We even add an adorable complimentary bandana or bow made of our handmade ribbons at the end of every service. From fluffy kittens to Labrador Retrievers, we offer grooming services for pets of all shapes and sizes.

Our owner has a cat and two dogs and is a true pet lover! This kind of firsthand experience is what makes our salon so friendly and welcoming for pets and their families. We only use quality Pet Edge equipment, and we only accept clients by appointment to ensure that all pets are in and out in the least amount of time. We know that bath time and grooming time can be stressful for pets, which is why we always guarantee individual attention and plenty of love and care.

While your pet might not be your whole life, our pets do make our lives whole! Take care of your furry friend with expert dog grooming, cat grooming, and nail grinding services from 4 Paws Grooming Salon in Fayetteville, AR! We look forward to seeing you soon!